Reporting connectivity issue

If you experience any kind of connectivity issues (high ping, rubber banding, packet loss/no hit registration, etc), please clarify that it's not caused by the following things:

  • Instability of your connection: using Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot with low bandwidth;

  • Firewall rules: antivirus and/or hardware solutions (pi-hole, pfSense, IPFire, etc);

  • Maintenance from your ISP;

  • Playing with 2+ people from the same network:

    • If you're playing BattleBit with 2 or more people that are connected simultaneously to the same network, you might experience connectivity issue that expresses in rubber banding or stutters. This happening due to server side firewall restriction. To fix this, please use Cloudflare WARP or private VPN.

If you believe that it is indeed caused by the server side issues, please direct message Modmail, select "Connectivity/Network Issues" category and follow further instructions.

Please Note: Filing a report will require us to ask for your IP Address in order to identify traffic to our servers to help resolve any issues.

Due to Canada (game's hosting provider country of origin) sanctions, if you are in following countries - please do not make a ticket as currently we're unable to help you.

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